Wilderness Trips


Camp Cedarbrook backpack and canoe trips offer campers the opportunity to explore the beautiful nearby Adirondack mountains and lakes as they develop lifelong memories, create new friendships, learn confidence, perseverance, and outdoor skills as they cultivate a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

Adventure trips provide challenges within the reach of the average, healthy camper. Girls finished grade 5 and older will experience 2–5 days off the camp property off the camp property exploring the beautiful Adirondacks. Trips are planned by age group to match the needs and skills of the participants and are led by enthusiastic, trained wilderness guides. Camp provides all equipment except for a few personal items such as hiking boots.

CILT Canoe/Backpacking Trip (Week 1)

Stage 1: Northern Forest Canoe Trail, Segment 2 (3 days)

The first stage of the CILT trip will take the group on the famous Northern Forest Canoe Trail, where they will cover 40 miles of the 740 mile trail.The trip will start in Long Lake and take out in the town of Saranac Lake.

Stage 2: Backpacking, ADK Loj to Phelps. (2 days)

The second stage of the trip will take the CILTs further into the High Peaks where the CILTs will hike into the wilderness and summit Phelps Mountain.

Trailblazer Backpacking Trip (Week 2)

Big Slide Mountain

This year the Trailblazers will head up to the high peaks for a mountain adventure! In this three day trip, our youngest trippers will hike over ten miles, sleep outside, and summit Big Slide Mountain. No experience or special gear needed.

Limit: 6 Campers

Challenger/Explorer Canoe Trip (Week 3)

Saranac Lakes

This year, the CHEX will be paddling through the Saranac Lakes in our four day, three night trip. They will begin their journey at Floodwood Pond, and paddle through the three Saranac Lakes: Upper, Middle, and Lower Lake. The adventure continues through First and Second Pond, Oseetah Lake, and ends at Lake Flower. Some canoeing experience preferred.

Limit: 8 Campers

**NEW** High Peaks Challenger/Explorer Backpacking Extended Trip (Weeks 4-5)

Great Range Trail

Our newest trip this year will be a big adventure! This 5-6 day backingpacking trip will take the girls on challenging journey that will stretch and teach them in ways only the mountains can accomplish. On this trip campers will summit 10+ mountains, cover over 35 miles, and ascend 10,000 ft in elevation. This will challenge your daughter, but also teach her valuable lessons in perseverance, the body of Christ, and the beauty of God’s creation. Previous hiking/trip experience preferred.

Limit: 6 Campers

Wilderness and adventure trips at Christian girls summer camp in NY


Canoe Trips travel on the Adirondack canoe routes along lakes and rivers. These trips include paddling, portaging canoes and equipment, and tent or leanto camping for 3–5 days. The routes feature spectacular scenery and campers always return home with many stories to tell. Canoe trips are for Challengers and Explorers (finished grade 7) and must have completed Canoe 1 and Swim 2 or have equivalent skills.

Wilderness and adventure trips at Christian girls summer camp in NY


Backpack Trips travel through the High Peaks region of the Adirondack Mountains or the mountains east of Lake George. These trips include hiking mountain trails with loaded backpacks and tent or leanto camping for 2–4 days. Campers will learn to use a map, build and cook over a fire, pitch a tent, and Leave No Trace® principals. Backpack Trips are offered to Trailblazers, Challengers, and Explorers. (finished grade 5).

Two-Week Experience Overnights

The Two Week Experience offers specially planned wilderness overnights that are only available to girls in this session. Beyond a typical sleep out (that can occur during a normal one week session), campers experience outdoor living for almost 24 hours as they hike (or boat) to their destination within our 500 acres of camp property. In addition to sleeping outside, campers enjoy dinner and breakfast over a campfire and truly bond with their cabin mates and counselors.

Trip Safety

We ensure the safety of every camper and staff member going out of camp on our wilderness adventure trips. Trip staff carry emergency information that includes vital information, such as the trip route, emergency exits, and important phone numbers. Trip staff also carry a cellphone, phone card, and money at all times. The trip route is also filed with the local New York State Park Ranger. If you require a detailed itinerary for your camper’s specific trip, please contact the camp office immediately before your camper’s session.

Because space is limited, you must sign up on your registration form and pay an additional fee. Each camper signs a Trip Covenant when she registers for a trip, asserting that she is in good health and will inform the staff members of any change in her condition of health. We reserve the right to change our program or cancel trips if fewer than 4 campers register.

Wilderness and adventure trips at Christian girls summer camp in NY
two week camp, Wilderness and adventure trips at Christian girls summer camp in NY

Trip Prep

Trips are led by certified specialists who are at least 21 years old and trained in leading such groups. The trip specialist is accompanied by at least one other qualified staff member. Trip specialists are certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR, and are trained to handle possible hazards. Canoe trip staff members are trained in canoe-over-canoe rescue. At least one canoe trip staff member is a certified Lifeguard, trained in water rescue skills. Trip specialists have traveled on each trip route prior to leading a trip with camper.

Campers participate in trip orientation prior to trip preparation. They practice skills necessary for the specific type of trip, view maps and emergency information, and are trained in the use of the cellphone and other ways to obtain emergency assistance. Campers prepare their camping equipment as needed and pack for the trip.

During the Trip

All trips take place away from the camp property in the beautiful Adirondack Park. All trip groups carry the following trip materials: maps marked with the campsite location for each night; emergency access points along trip routes; and names and phone numbers for rangers along trip routes.

Staff members carry cellphone(s) for communication in the event of an emergency. Many trip routes pass near homes or along well-traveled routes so that others may offer emergency assistance if necessary. Rangers patrol these popular routes as well.

Health, safety, risks, and hazards of the trip program are similar to those experienced at camp. Trip hazards include falls, capsized canoes, inclement weather, and encounters with animals. For inclement weather, trips may continue in the rain, but will stop and seek shelter in the event of lightning. Per New York State regulations, all trips carry “bear cans” to protect food supplies.

In the event that a trip cannot continue, the camp office is notified and camp staff drivers leave immediately to collect the trip group.

Wilderness and adventure trips at Christian girls summer camp in NY
Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks
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