Standards and Care

Camp Cedarbrook’s primary concern is the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of each camper. Staff offer attentive supervision of campers throughout the day at camp. The daily schedule is planned to allow adequate rest for both campers and staff. Our facilities and policies have been constructed to provide a thorough and consistently safe program. During pre-camp training, every staff member is trained in American Red Cross CPR and First Aid, as well as safety awareness, child abuse prevention, and emergency procedures. Please talk to your campers about the importance of understanding and following our Safety Guidelines.

We take pride in our consistent high ratings on evaluations by both the American Camp Association (ACA) and the New York State Department of Health. Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), demonstrating our compliance with more than 300 health, safety, and program quality standards. Camp Cedarbrook is licensed by the NYS Department of Health and is inspected annually. Reports are filed in the district office at 77 Mohican Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801.

Health Care

Camp Cedarbrook employs a full-time, on-site New York State–certified Nurse in a well-stocked infirmary, who is available around the clock. The Nurse inspects each living area and washhouse daily to identify possible health and safety issues. For routine health needs, the Nurse follows physician-approved standard protocols. A physician is always on call and a short drive will reach the nearest specialist or hospital in Glens Falls or Saratoga Springs.

While your camper is at camp, we will notify you . . .

  • If she sustains an injury that requires treatment beyond basic first aid or is sick and stays for several hours or overnight in the health center.
  • If she has a fever of 101° or higher.
  • If she needs to visit a doctor or hospital. In an emergency, every effort will be made to contact you. If we cannot reach you, we will seek medical treatment and continue trying to contact you.
  • If she is experiencing behavioral problems or severe homesickness.


All medications sent to camp must be in the original prescription bottle or container and labeled by a physician with explicit instructions for their administration. No gumball vitamins please. All medications are given to the Nurse at check-in, who will store and dispense them as needed. (Exception: The nurse will discuss special situations with each camper, such as inhalers for asthmatic conditions or Epi-pens for allergies.)

Water Safety

Campers who will be swimming, kayaking or sailing during their stay must take a swim test on their first day of camp. The test determines if it will be safe for them to participate in boating activities and level of swimming ability. All campers can choose to take American Red Cross swim lessons to improve their skills. During free time, campers can visit the swim beach to swim with a buddy and/or use our large water trampoline, Wally’s Island. The typical swimmer-to-lifeguard ratio is 10 to 1, but there are often more lifeguards on duty. In addition, several staff members who have received basic water safety training are on the beach to assist in crowd control and assign buddy pairs. All campers and adults using any boat or visiting Wally’s Island must wear PFDs and are closely supervised by a lifeguard.

Safety Guidelines

The Christian community at Camp Cedarbrook reflects many Bible verses that instruct us to act toward one another in God's love. Every day our caring staff models many of these principles, such as how to "love one another," "be kind to one another," and "be patient with one another." We encourage you and your camper to read and discuss these guidelines for Living in Christian Community.

For further information or if you have concerns, please contact our Camp Nurse.

Staff Screening

Every counselor, staff member and volunteer is carefully screened in order to create a safe and positive experience for campers. The rigorous hiring process includes a reference check, a background check, and an interview. Every counselor and staff member attends approximately two weeks of pre-camp training, which includes fine-tuning their skills in counseling and group dynamics, activity area specialties, and safety procedures. All counselors and staff supervising high-risk activities (for example, archery, boating, riflery, and swimming) have met strict American Camping Association certification standards.
Our staff are trained in child abuse prevention and we have policies in place to protect campers. Staff follow the “rules of threes” and are never alone 1-1 with a camper out of sight or sound from other campers and staff. 

The Value of ACA Accreditation

Read more about why it is important to maintain our American Camp Association accreditation.

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