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Our camping program is designed to build on each successive summer your daughter spends at Cedarbrook. By the time she is an Explorer (high school age), we want to offer her new opportunities not available to younger campers, especially in the areas of leadership development.

Our new program will encompass all of camp’s leadership opportunities under a new name:

WILD: Women in Leadership Development 

Within WILD, campers will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the following programs:

Service Crew (Kitchen Aides and Groom Aides)

While coming to camp for free sounds pretty sweet, that’s not the only benefit of being on service crew. Serving as a kitchen aide or groom aide is a great way to learn to work as a team, put others first, and develop the heart of a servant leader.

Nothing says leadership potential like being the one to rally your cabinmates to finish washing dishes before the campfire starts or encouraging someone who’s having a tough day and isn’t working up to their potential in the barn.

Serving as a kitchen aide will open your eyes to a world where you can both work really hard and have fun. It will also lay a groundwork for understanding healthy teams.

Service crew opportunities are available during all weeks of camp to Explorers, with a maximum of two weeks of service crew per camper each summer.


LEAD-Leadership Education and Development

Replacing CILT I, LEAD is a two-week program offered to all campers who have completed 10th grade (no separate application necessary). LEAD provides them with an opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills, group management, lesson planning, and confidence speaking and sharing in front of others.

This course will look great on college applications and is a mandatory prerequisite for the Camper in Leadership Training (CILT) program.

LEAD runs during weeks 4-5.

CILT-Camper in Leadership Training

The final opportunity that campers have for leadership development is our CILT program. This program culminates with campers joining our counseling staff…so we mean business!

Campers who successfully complete LEAD have the opportunity to apply for CILT (see FAQs below). Running the first four weeks of camp, it starts with a canoeing and backpacking wilderness trip during which girls are challenged physically and mentally. When they return to camp, they dive into training similar to what we provide our counselors. The focus is on improving their camp-specific leadership skills with the hope that they will succeed and join us on staff.

CILTs learn how to plan Bible studies, lead activities, and manage a cabin group — and it ends with a “live-in” experience where they are essentially in charge of a cabin (with counselor supervision) for part of a week.

CILT is our main source of future counselors, and its success determines the strength of our staff going forward.

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FAQs about the WILD Program

Why change CILT I?

We are striving to make more leadership opportunities available to all campers, regardless of their readiness to join Cedarbrook staff.

Changing the name will make it clearer that LEAD is a separate program from CILT. LEAD is for basic leadership development, and CILT is intended to train future camp counselors.

How do you pass LEAD?

Any camper who completes LEAD assignments during camp successfully passes.

What determines acceptance to CILT?

Successful completion of LEAD is the first requirement for acceptance into CILT. There is an application that requires character references and demonstrated interest in serving on Cedarbrook staff. Other factors include emotional and spiritual maturity.

How do you graduate CILT?

CILT graduation is based both on successful completion of assignments and camper readiness to join Cedarbrook staff. Since most Cedarbrook staff are 18 or older, girls graduating CILT and therefore joining staff must demonstrate above-average maturity and leadership skills for their age. CILT graduates have the opportunity to finish the summer season at Cedarbrook as junior counselors.

For more questions about LEAD or CILT, please contact our Coordinator.

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