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Executive Director

I am looking forward to serving my third summer as Cedarbrook’s Director. Prior to this role, I worked in the development office at Wheaton College (my alma mater) for seven years. Camp is in my blood as my father and brother attended and worked at Northern Frontier and I was blessed to grow up in the Cedarbrook (then Cherith) program both as a camper, CILT, and staff member. When I’m not at camp, I live in Chicago with my husband (Brendon) and son (Owen) who arrived during camp in 2016!

Megan Maiello Camp Cedarbrook Assistant Director


Assistant Director

Hi! Camp is my home! Ok, well I actually live in Northern NJ with my dog Ronan. But camp truly is my home and family! After attending Cedarbrook as a camper, I now work full time year-round as Cedarbrook’s Assistant Director. Camp has given me a wonderful opportunity to teach and guide young girls to Christ. Through camp, God has blessed me with a group of friends that I can lean on and turn to, and with hundreds of campers, many of whom I have watched grow to accept Christ as their personal Savior. I can’t wait to see you at camp this summer!

Elizabeth Westerman


Program Team Leader

There are not many places where you make lifelong friends in a weeks time, are completely immersed in an intentional Christian community, and get to spend so much time in the great outdoors! I came to camp as a young camper and made friends over 15 years ago that I still stay in touch with today. My friendships and the faith I developed while at camp helped me survive that toughest parts of my college years. Camp has also challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and have a ton of fun doing it!  Camp has become a home away from home and it's my prayer that you will have a similar experience! This summer you will be sure to find me taking care of camp's critter at the Nature Nest. On the off-seasons I am an Art Teacher at Hawthrone Christian Academy.



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Crafts Specialist

I’m super excited to be joining camp again this year! This will be my third summer on staff, my second summer returning to the craft porch as craft specialist. Camp is my happy place. I attended Camp Cedarbrook (then Camp Cherith) as a kid and have so many fun memories and working there as a volunteer and staff has reignited my love for camp. I am looking forward to seeing God working in the lives of the campers as they discover more about Him.



Office Manager/Assistant Registrar

Hey everyone! I am blessed to say that this will be my 26th year on staff! It is here that I learned to love nature, to seek our Creator, and I have made life-long friends! I attended Cedarbrook (then Cherith) as a camper and returned after collage as an activities counselor. Since then, I've enjoyed several staff positions, including Craft Porch Specialist and Photographer. For the past few years I've been the Office Manager/Assistant Registrar. I do miss working with the girls on a regular basis, but I know that the staff are doing a fabulous job! During the school year I teach computer applications at a Christian school in NJ. I am so excited to see all the things God is gong to do this summer here at Cedarbrook!




Dakota is returning to camp this summer in a new role, Nurse! Her favorite camp activities are canoeing, swimming, archery, and playing giant badminton on The Green.

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Outdoor Living Skills and Fishing Specialist

I am excited to continue to be a part of this ministry as I return for my 5th year on staff. My love for camp was fostered at New England Camp Cedarbrook where I was a camper for eight years. In 2015, the Lord led me to the Adirondacks to complete the CILT program. At home in Massachusetts, I am the director of a Christian ballet school.

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My name is Cara and I am a third year Social Work student at the Jamaica Theological Seminary. The name Cara was chosen from the Caracaras Bird. Caracara, also called carrion hawk, any of about 10 species of birds of prey of the New World subfamily Polyborinae (or Daptriinae) of the family Falconidae. Cara means beloved in Greek! whoo!!

I have only been on staff for one year and I am coming back this year (2019). My favorite place at Camp was the Prayer Gazebo and I loved when I had the one on ones with the Challengers. Walnut is the best Cabin! I believe that God is healing, restoring and mending many young girls through Camp Cedarbrook's ministry and I am very elated to be back in a community of warmth and love!!



Division Director

Hey everyone! I am SO stoked to be coming back to camp this summer! Since growing up going to camp for a few years, to last summer being on staff, camp has found a special place in my heart. This summer you'll most likely catch me hanging out by the lake or getting pumped for Tuesday night cookouts! Right after camp this summer I’ll be starting my Junior year as a nursing student at Roberts Wesleyan College. I am so expectant and ready for camp 2019!!!



Division Director

Life just isn't the same without camp in it.  Which is why I'm beyond excited and thankful to return for another (soon-to-be) uh-MAZE-ing summer! This will be my 13th year on staff. Over the years, I have learned that camp continues to be the best place to grow in faith and confidence of Who God is and who He has made you to be.  There's no doubt that working at camp has prepared me for most of life's adventures, including living overseas for a good bit and being a classroom teacher outside of the camp season. Though high ropes is perhaps my favorite place to be, my favorite THING to do is to spend time with all the fabulous campers and fellow staff. I'm looking forward to sharing many laughs and building lifelong friendships as we make some sweet memories together at camp. I don't know about you, but summer cannot come soon enough! 

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Division Director

Hiya! I'm Cada and I am a sophomore at Messiah College studying Social Work and Criminal Justice. This will be my fourth year on staff and I could not be happier to spend another summer at the place that is a second home to me! I am looking forward to a great summer of God-seeking, nature-loving, and community-building adventure! And of course... Tetherball! See you all soon 🙂



Curriculum Resource

Greetings. I’m Dunlin, who first went to summer camp at age 9, 56 years ago! This will be my 46th summer at Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks, after growing up at Camp Cedarbrook in Maine. God gave me my camp roots in Maine, but provided my niche in the Adirondacks. I started as a counselor and have done a variety of camp jobs over the years. My most adventurous camp job was Wilderness Canoe Trip Leader, which I did for six summers. I love teaching Canoeing on our gorgeous lake and have been the Canoeing Specialist for many years. My primary job, since 1981, as been in Program. For the last two years, I have been mentoring “the next generation” of staff members in taking over the activity program responsibilities. Adele is doing a fabulous job of figuring it all out and I am excited to be working with her, the daughter of a former canoe trip camper. The tables will turn this year, as she becomes my supervisor, and I continue to support her in the myriad of details involved supervising the activity program. I never imagined that I would serve at camp all these years, but God shaped the details of my life so it was possible. 



Wilderness Trip Leader


Archery Specialist
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Hi! My name is *****. I am a sophomore at Gordon College, a small Christian school in Massachusetts (though I’m actually from Texas). My major is biology but I might also minor in French. I was in the Adirondacks last summer for a backpacking expedition and am so happy to be going back this summer as well. I’m really looking forward to being a camp counselor at Camp Cedarbrook and to see what God has in store for not only the girls but for me as well.


"Mrs. Tawny"

Activities Assistant

"Mr. Tawny"

Facilities Manager
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Hi! My Camp name is Violet and I chose that name from the Violet crowned humming bird. The humming bird is interestingly the national bird of my home country Jamaica. I am currently a third year Social Work  student.Camps have always been a part of my life and something I truly love and enjoy being a part of. Being a counsellor at camp Cedarbrook has been a rich experience that has taught me a lot about being engaged in another culture and community that are different from my own. I enjoyed the fun and fellowship.  I am looking forward to see all of you this coming summer!!!

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Assistant Nurse

I am from Madison, Ohio and will be starting my third year as a nursing student at Cedarville University next fall. I love spending time with my sister Winnie on the beach, and taking my teacup chihuahua, Winchester, for walks!

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Assistant Cook

Hello! My name is ****** and I am excited to be working my first summer at Cedarbrook as a kitchen assistant! I love to cook, hike, bike, travel, play guitar, spend time with friends and family here in Ohio, and experience the love of God every day in new ways!

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Assistant Nurse

Hi! I am super excited to be joining the camp Cedarbrook staff as an assistant nurse this summer! I am originally from Illinois, but I currently reside in an ever-so-cute small town in Ohio. I am a nursing student at Cedarville University, and a lover of ALL things coffee related. 🙂

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Division Director

Hi! I am Zuli and I am thrilled to be coming back to camp for the 4th time this summer!! I love playing board games, talking about God, and all activities involving water or sunshine. At camp, you can find me sitting near the lake or asleep somewhere (napping is important! Haha) In "real life" I live in NYC where I shamelessly wear crocs in public and I'm a college student studying psychology. Can't wait to meet you all this summer!

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I came to camp as a camper for 10 years and last year graduated CILT! I'm so excited to be back this summer working with, encouraging, guiding, and loving on girls! I was once in their shoes and am very happy to be able to make a difference in their lives! Camp is my favorite place to be. Excited to see what God is going to do this summer.

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Hey, Hera here. I grew up going to camp and it's such an important part of my life. My favorite camp activities are archery and cookouts. I graduated from the CILT program last summer and I can't wait to be in staff this summer. When I'm not at camp, I am a freshman at Cedarville University where I am studying Early Childhood and Special education.    



CILT and LEAD Counselor
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Amazing New Staff Member

Horsemanship Assistant

Hi! My name is ***** and I am excited to be joining camp for the first time this year! Being from Colorado, I love anything that takes place in the great outdoors: hiking, skiing, fishing, and more. I am super looking forward to this summer at Cedarbrook!





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Counselor and Drama Specialist

Hi!!! I am Kevin! I am so excited to be coming back to camp this summer for my first full summer on staff. I completed the CILT program last summer and was a JC. Since you last saw me I have completed high school and am almost done with my first semester at Gordon College with a double major in math and secondary education. I love being in the woods enjoying God’s creation. I swim absolutely everywhere I go! At camp you can find me in the activity building doing drama, on the craft porch, or down by the lake sailing and swimming!!



Horsemanship Specialist

Hello! After a few summers of only being able to visit on random weekends, I'm back!! This summer I'm going to be the Horsemanship Specialist. I'm so excited to guide all my equestrian girls in a greater understanding of how riding and working with horses speaks to our relationship with and knowledge of who God is. I've been involved with camp for 23 years, as a camper, staff member, and volunteer. In my non-camp life I am the Executive Director of The Vision Unbound Project where our mission is to help youth aging out of Foster Care find and pursue their purpose as they transition to life outside the system. I can't wait to see how God moves at camp this summer!




Hey hey hey I'm Nikita ! Born and raised in NYC a proud CILT graduate 🙂 The gap year I'm taking has been filled with traveling and learning so much about God - I can’t wait to share it with you all! I'm so excited for star gazing, sunshine, and swimming! To me camp is a place where you get to pause the racket of everyday life, take a beat and have some fun in God’s creation. Somewhere you can let your guard down and let that inner beastly cedarbrook woman out! But above all camp is a place you can talk, ask, and learn about God in a way that you might not be able to at home. Can't wait to adventure and laugh with you at camp! Come expectant!! It’s gonna be wild!



Horsemanship Assistant

Hi, I’m stoked about coming to work on the staff this summer after many years as a camper. I love nature and all animals big and small. See you in the barn.




Hello, I'm Rocky! I'm a student math teacher from Kansas, and I'm ready for camp to start! This will be my second summer at Cedarbrook, and I can't wait for all the camp songs and tinfoil dinners to come! My favorite part of camp is all the friendships among campers and other counselors, so I can't wait to see you this summer!

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Hello! My name is “Sunny”. I just finished my freshman year of college at Great Falls College of Technology in Montana. I am a Nursing Major but I might get my Associates of Science first. I love to do any activity outdoors especially fishing. I am really excited to experience what God has in store for the girls and myself in the Adirondacks!

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