The Discipline of Prayer

Undoubtedly, the biggest impact on my life at CCA was the day I was saved, July 31, 1968. From that point on God’s grace and wisdom have helped me to do my jobs, be involved in my church and continue to remember and pray for camp. The first verse I memorized after I got saved was Psalm 55:17:

“Morning, and evening and at noon will I pray, I will cry aloud and He shall hear my voice.”Prayer is probably the one discipline of camp that has had the biggest impact on my life. Communication with the Heavenly Father is vital to a close relationship.

Love and Prayers,
Jeannie Henderson a.k.a. Todd


Self Confidence and Team Spirit

The biggest impact that CCA had on me was teaching me confidence in myself and support for others. As a girl who was never very popular in school, I always felt like I could go to camp and be myself and not worry that I “wouldn’t fit in” because everybody fits in at camp. The experience taught me to be true to myself and my beliefs and to not feel bad for it. That’s something I have carried with me until today and remind myself of on a daily basis.

As for support for others, all of the activities we did at camp were team or group activities – even when it was an individual sport like archery or riflery. You rooted for the girls next to you to succeed, your shared in that success back in your cabin or tent and your supported each other when things didn’t work out. It was a summer family that you always feel connected to, even if you haven’t seen them in years. When I went back for the 40th Anniversary weekend, I spent time with women that I only knew in passing as girls and it was like finding a new best friend. The team spirit and support has also carried through until today. I use it everyday at work as a professional, even when sometimes people think I’m too much of a “cheerleader”. I find that mentoring my employees works far better than managing them – all skills I learned back when I was helping out a drama class as a CILT or singing in the kitchen as a K.A.
I also still sing all of the time.🙂
Lynne E. Schreur


9 Things I Learned at Camp

How has Cedarbrook impacted my life? Here’s a list of random thoughts.

1. Goofy songs to teach to my children
2. A little dust and dirt isn’t going to kill anyone, including my 18 month son, here or in Asia
3. Flexibility–how to keep going when things aren’t going as you planned
4. Leadership skills (CILT) that can be applied to many situations on the mission field. Part of this is practical–how to plan and carry out activities. Part of this is servant leadership. My daughter, Lauren and I have talked a lot about how this is lived and breathed at Cedarbrook, whereas in other settings it’s only talk. And maybe tied in with this, I learned at camp to place high value on the uniqueness and to be sensitive to the needs of individuals and work with them accordingly.
5. To be obedient to God’s calling, whether I feel up to the task or not
6. Bible study skills and the vital importance of daily time with God
7. How faith impacts every area of life. Seeing women live out their faith with integrity. Learning to see discipleship not as a “to do” check list but a ‘walking along side’ and spiritual growth as a lifelong journey.
8. Lasting relationships that continue to encourage me in my faith
9. An appreciation of nature and creation

In Him,
Peggy Owen
Missionary to Taiwan


Daily Devotions and Confidence

We asked “What has been a lasting impact of your experience at CCA?” Here is the answer we received from one of our alumna:

“The most significant impact camp has had on my life is the importance of daily devotions. Camp was the first place to teach me that it was important for me to read the Bible on my own and not rely on teachers to feed me the information. Camp also equipped me to be able to read the Bible and get over the initial anxiety of “How am I supposed to do this?” I also learned how to sit and be still for a period of time. That is still a skill I struggle with but camp showed me I can still be focused on Him in the presence of others. That is so important now that my days are filled with my children. I rarely get more than 10 minutes at a time to myself.
Going through CILT I was able to get over a fear of being in front of people and teaching scripture. I never felt like I had the qualifications needed to be a Bible teacher. I learned that anyone with a heart for the Lord and a willingness to put your own personal time into Scripture could facilitate discussion and lead people toward a better understanding of God and our relationship with him. I enjoy leading a small group Bible study with my husband and other couples from our church.
One of the most memorable things I learned is how to love nature the way God intended it and the skills I needed to live in nature. We just took our three children tent camping for the first time this summer with another former staff member and her family. It was a blast! We swam, we hiked, we cooked dinner over the fire and ate s’mores. We know how to clean all the dishes in a little pot, how to build and start a fire, and just use the nature skills we were taught. I never would have attempted camping with a 5, 4, and 1 year old if it weren’t for the confidence I had been given by camp. Being in the woods still holds a special place in my heart and an even deeper connection to God when I get those opportunities.
I hope to return one day and continue the tradition with my children.”
Janeine Bunagan


The Antidote

Why Camp?

After each time (7 so far!!), she returns at peace, nicer to her parents (!) & more confident–it’s like the lights get turned on again! 

“This is THE antidote to the rushing & stress of school, cultural pressures, & the need for restoration when they don’t necessarily want to hear advice from their mothers! Putting our daughters in “creation” each summer helps them get closer to their creator. Their fleeting childhood is kept alive here, and they benefit from not being glued to an iPod or computer.”

-Jennifer, a grateful NYC area mom


Faith, Friends, and Character

We asked “What has been a lasting impact of your experience at CCA?” Here is the answer we received from one of our alumna:

“In answer to your question, the lasting impact has many facets. First and foremost has been my relationship with the Lord, for my summers at CC built the foundation of my faith. Second has been my best friend Marina, whom I met at CC when we were 12 and now at 36 we are still best friends and often joke about our times at CC. Third are the lessons about myself that I learned – talents, strengths, who I was as a young girl growing into a Christian woman and lastly the unconditional love and acceptance I found each and every year I returned to CC and the wonderful memories of everyone I met that I will treasure always. I still find myself singing camp songs from time to time and cherish the box of mementos I’ve saved from my trips. I know I am the woman I am today in part because of the time I spent at CC each summer from the age of 10-17. As far as the present – I am a registered dietitian and sales specialist for a home infusion/home care company, living in PA and continuing to grow in my faith thru my church whose services and worship music often remind me of Sun services at CC. CC will always occupy a special place in my heart.”
God Bless,
Dana Thornley