Our Mission

Inspiring Girls to Live God-centered lives


Camp Cedarbrook provides a safe, supportive place for girls to grow in their confidence as they face new challenges within the context of Christian community. Campers are guided by their counselor and encouraged to take hold of their faith through daily bible study, devotions, and prayer. Activity areas offer a space for girls to pursue their own interests, gain skills, and a sense of achievement throughout the session. All aspects of camp life are surrounded and aided by an appreciation for God’s creation that we cultivate through outdoor living skills.

Cedarbrook exists to transform the lives of young women for Jesus through a wilderness camp experience that engages them in Christian community, challenges them to build new skills, and invites them to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Cedarbrook Tradition and the Four Arrows

campers learn who they are in christ through the 4 arrows
At Camp Cedarbrook, we believe it is essential to a young woman’s journey to have a special community to belong to, away from her normal routine, that is dedicated to helping her discover who she is as a daughter of God and empowering her to grow into that role.
To help with that, we use the 4 arrows to illustrate the ways a Cedarbrook camper will grow throughout her time at camp: Inward, Outward, Downward, and Upward.
Inward by learning about herself and becoming more independent; gaining new skills.
Outward by developing relationships and living in a Christian community.
Downward by gaining an appreciation for God’s creation.
Upward by growing in her relationship with Christ.
Campers set goals and reflect on the 4 arrows during their camp session providing a powerful tool to facilitate growth.
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She will learn who she is in Christ

Every moment at Camp Cedarbrook is designed to encourage and support your camper’s growth in her personal relationship with God by providing opportunities to recognize and act on the need to accept Christ as personal Savior and Lord over every area of life. Campers are guided to study and memorize God’s word and apply Biblical principles to daily life. Daily personal and group worship, devotional time, prayer, and reflection help campers grow in relationship with Christ.

She will have adventures in the outdoors

Living each day surrounded by the natural beauty of Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks, campers develop a deeper appreciation of God’s creation and an increased sense of our environmental stewardship responsibilities. Campers learn to feel comfortable in the outdoor environment and care for it appropriately. Every camper will want to care for God’s creation after she walks through the butterfly house, sings around a campfire, or hikes through the forest.

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She will explore new and exciting activities

Camp Cedarbrook provides opportunities for campers to have fun, discover and celebrate their God-given uniqueness and abilities, develop increased competence and self-confidence and courage through learning and improving in challenging, skill-building activities. Whether building on past successes or trying something new, campers develop perseverance, self-respect, and leadership skills as they create lifelong memories.

She will make friends that last a lifetime

Camp Cedarbrook provides opportunities for campers to experience and build successful, positive individual and community relationships that are consistent with Biblical principles. Making new friends, learning to respect and value the differences in others, taking responsibility, making choices, seeing the results of their decisions, and working together as a team are all part of the Camp Cedarbrook experience.

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