A Strong Spiritual Community


two week camp, strong spiritual christian community at summer camp in NY

Bible Exploration

An important part of every camper’s day, Bible Ex is a special time each day for bunk groups to gather on a blanket in the sunshine or shade and explore God’s Word together. The counselor leads this time of lively discussion and Bible study that centers on the summer spiritual theme.

strong christian community at summer camp in NY

Morning Watch

Morning Watch is a quiet time of Bible study and prayer for every camper and staff member to begin the day. After a song or verse as a group, each person selects a special spot outside, where she can spend quiet time alone with God. Campers use study booklets that relate to their Bible Ex for the week. A counselor is always nearby to offer guidance if needed.

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Just before bedtime, every bunk group gathers to reminisce about the day and share a devotional and prayer time. Sharing with one another is the perfect way to end the day.

cabin cookout at christian girls summer camp in NY, strong spiritual community

Cabin Cookout

At least one night per week, bunk groups prepare their dinner over a campfire. Each counselor is trained in Outdoor Living Skills and makes the evening a special event. From choosing a menu and picking a campfire site to building a fire, cooking, and cleanup, it’s a team effort that campers will long remember.

camp counselors perform skit, a strong spiritual community at Christian girls summer camp in NY

Evening Program

Every day after dinner, campers have a special group activity. Evenings might include divisional or all-camp activities such as a night of games, a special craft project, an all-camp swim, a scavenger hunt, or a unique activity created by our imaginative staff. One special night each week every bunk group prepares their own dinner over a campfire. You can count on any evening at camp ending around a campfire with voices raised in song and sharing.

campers have the time of their lives in strong spiritual community at Christian girls summer camp in NY

Cabin Time

After a day pursuing their daily personal activities, bunk groups spend an hour together each day enjoying a different and exciting activity. It’s a special time to have fun with new friends.

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